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Cyd Charisse

Actress danced into heart of Hollywood
Actress-dancer Cyd Charisse dies in L.A. at 86

Visit the Official Cyd Charisse Web Site at www.humorinthenews.com/cyd/
She has been called the definitive female icon of American dance. Her unforgettable contributions to the Golden Age of MGM Hollywood musicals include such favorites as Silk Stockings, The Bandwagon, Brigadoon, and the classic Singin’ In The Rain. She starred alongside two of the greatest male dancers in film history, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Her innovative approach to the dance coupled with her sensuous appeal made her an all-time audience favorite.
She is the amazing Cyd Charisse and you’ve just found where she dances in cyberspace.
Come in and share some of Cyd’s legendary Hollywood magic.

The music’s sweet, the lights are bright, Cyd’s ready to sparkle so… Let’s Dance!


The Band Wagon - Girl Hunt Ballet




Silk Stockings


Brigadoon - Heather on the Hill Ballet

Party Girl with Marc Wilder

Singin' in the Rain


Meet Me in Vegas with Agnas Moorehead and Dan Dailey

Meet Me in Vegas Frankie and Johnny dance number


Two Weeks in Another Town with Kirk Douglas

Fair Weather



(Now how in the world did Roxi Halloway and Mike sneak their
way into this photo gallery?... I guess you just can't trust
those Ballroom dancers ....)


As one icon of the Silver Screen about another
(Oh quiet...
so what if mine was only a brief cameo performance... we made it into
the TRAILER, didn't we?... with credits.... plus we're STILL getting RESIDUALS from Paramount Pictures!...)

I have always loved this incredible artist whose beautiful and
unbelievably talented legs gave another favorite of mine,
the incomparable Juliette Prowse a run for her money...
Cyd Charisse is one of (if not THE) greatest female
performers of all time.

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