Whether you just want to learn a few things for going out clubbing, wedding choreography, or even taking up dancing as a hobby, after learning to dance, your life will never be the same! Though the best way to get all of your questions and concerns answered is to just call or email, here are some of the most common questions we get.

How many lessons does it take?
Now that's an impossible question to answer, however... That depends upon a number or factors, like: the number of dances you would like to learn; if you keep a consistent schedule with your lessons; and your individual strengths and weaknesses. The quickest way is just to come in and have fun... your lessons should not be stressful, they should be fun and relaxing... that's how you'll get further, quicker.

What makes you think you're so good?
Well, we don't like to pat our own backs (okay, yes we do)... We specialize in teaching all levels from beginners up to professionals in all styles of dance, including ballroom, latin and salsa, swing, country, dancesport, and more. All of my teachers as well as myself know how to make your learning experience both fun and easy, while also teaching you the newest and hottest steps and techniques!

How much do dance lessons cost?
Private lessons are $55.00 for a 45-minute session, which with 30 years of experience in teaching literally all styles of dance, is highly competitive with any other true professional in the area. We understand that money is always an issue, and private lesson programs will cost more than group lesson. With our three part method of teaching including private lessons, group lessons, and practice parties, you could spend as little as $10 for a group class (or less whenever you bring in a first-time guest and the 2-for-1-pass from the web site) $55 for a private lesson, to a fully personally designed program for each student. Also, our private lesson rates are based on the teacher's time, not the number of people, so for you couples, it's like getting a 2-for-1 deal!

What's the advantage of private lessons? Or group classes?
That depends upon your goals and your time frame. If you need wedding choreography, then a combination of both is definitely an advantage if you start early enough. If you wait until the last few weeks, then privates are the only way to go. With private lessons you will learn at your pace and get the advanced techniques sooner, since your teacher can take you from the point you are at each lesson. Group lessons serve as a great way to learn the basics without spending as much money in the private ssessions, which can be used to fine-tune and polish. Group classes also give you a good introduction to dance styles you haven't tried yet. Most of our students use private lessons to work on the more technical aspects of the dancing that make them quality dancers, and then use group classes practice sessions to learn the basics. You should definitely try both, but start in a group unless you feel really insecure at first. In which case private coaching is ideal.

What should I/we wear?
Wear what is comfortable. Most people dress "nicely casual." When first learning you don't need special shoes, however, dress shoes and high heels with leather soles have a tendency to stick much less to the floor than shoes with rubber soles.

Do I need a dance partner?
Of course learning to dance with a partner has it's advantages, but we are around 50/50 singles and couples... you'll be right at home in an atmosphere where you can meet other singles or couples. Remember, dancing is a "social" activity. Improve your life... learn to dance!

Where are you located?
Terry's classes and events will be held at:
The Chevy Chase Ballroom & DanceSport Center, 5207 Wisc Ave., NW (Located above Paul's Liquor, 1/2 block South of the Jennifer St. exit of the Friendship Heights red line Metro. Usually plenty of free parking available at the adjacent Bank of America at Harrison and Wisconsin during non-banking hours).

The National Capital YMCA, 17111 R. I. Ave., NW (17th Street and Rhode Island Ave., NW. On Rhode Island Avenue East of Connecticut Ave. and between the Dupont Circle and Farragut North red line Metro Stations).

Can I give dancing as a gift or surprise?
Or course you can! Let us know what special event you have in mind and we will do our best to make it all you wish it can be. Also, check out our Online Gift Certificate specials.

I heard that I have to sign a contract to take dance lessons. Is that true?
Well, our competitors will make you think so. We have NO CONTRACTS! The YMCA classes are conducted as a series, which fits better into their accounting system, but any classes missed there can be made up during my drop-in classes at the Chevy Chase Ballroom. We believe that our system of teaching will always keep you moving in the right direction while having the time of your life doing it! Our goal... un-employ ourselves! Our professional teachers know how to make you the type of dancer you want to be in as short a time as possible, and get you there to the best of your abilities. We know you'll be so satisfied with us... we don't need contracts!

So what am I waiting for?
We don't know, you tell us... Call or Email now! And thanks for visiting www.PleaseDanceWithMe.com. ...I promise that your Dancing (and your social life........) .... .will Never be The Same!

Terry Chasteen