Welcome to the site of "The Dancing Kids' Network" at (

Including Ballroom, Latin, Disco/Hustle, C/W and Swing
dancing for youth of all ages from grade school through
high school (or younger with parents/chaparones enrolled with them)
for social dancing at weddings and black-tie affairs as well as training and choreography
for youth showcases and opportunities for teachers wishing to start social
dance programs in their schools...

New classes for youth on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30pm,
Saturday mornings at 10:30am and 11:30am (with the adults at 11:30am),
Saturday evenings at 6:00pm (RSVP required by email on Sat evening to
be sure there are enough for a class) and Sundays at 2:00pm (with the adults at 2:00)
at the Chevy Chase Ballroom, Friendship Heights, Washington DC.

Included will be Cha Cha and Foxtrot Showcase choreography and training in other
Ballroom, Latin & Swing dances.
(Participation in performaing in the Showcase is not a requirement for taking the class)

Other drop-in Cha Cha, Latin and Ballroom & Foxtrot adult classes that are always available to the kids include:
(1) Mondays - 12:00 noon & 1:00pm coming soon "Ballroom & Latin Dancing at Lunch-time".
(2) Tuesdays - 7:15pm-8:00pm Beginner Ballroom (preceded by beginner Salsa at 6:30pm),
(3) Wednesdays:
(A) 12:00 noon & 1:00pm coming soon "Ballroom & Latin Dancing at Lunch-time".
(B) 7:00pm-8:00pm "Latin-Lovers Unlimited", including any of the social Latin dances by request (preceded by "Red Hot Ballroom" from 5:30pm-6:30pm)
(4) Thursdays:
(A) 12:00 noon & 1:00pm coming soon "Ballroom & Latin Dancing at Lunch-time".
(B) 7:00pm-8:00pm Beginner Argentine Tango
(5) Fridays - Beginner Salsa followed by open dancing & practice with supervision until 8:30pm (preceded by "Red Hot Ballroom" at 5:30pm),
(6) Saturdays:
(A) 11:15pm 12:00 noon Beginner Ballroom, Black-tie and Wedding dances (preceded by "Red Hot Ballroom" at 10:30am),
(B) 6:00pm - 7:00pm Beginner "Red Hot Ballroom" in Salsa with the adults (RSVP required by email on Sat evening to be sure there are enough for a class)
(7) Sundays:
(A) 2:00pm - 3:00pm Beginner Ballroom, Black-tie and Wedding dances and "Red Hot Ballroom" with the kids at 10:30am),
(B) 3:00pm - 4:00pm Beginner Swing with adults
(C) 4:00pm - 5:00pm Beginner Salsa taught by Terry
(D) 5:00pm - 6:00pm:
Beginner Salsa Rueda (taught by SAOCO DC) or Brazilian Samba (Taught by Danielle Areco)
(2) Beginner to intermediate/advanced Cha Cha Cha for Salsa dancers (taught by Terry)

(3) 5:00pm - 6:00pm Authentic Brazilian Samba taught by Danielle Areco, a true Brazilian from Sao Paulo including ladies' and men's styling and numerous HOT! moves that you can use at Mardi Gras events - Carnaraval & Gafieira at 6pm.

(E) 6:00pm - 7:00pm Brazilian Dance mix (including
Lambada, Forro and Axe which will gradually change over time to include Samba Rock, Brazilian Bolero, Pagode, Vanerao, etc...prepare for the monthly Chevy Chase Ballroom "Carnival Dance-&-Learn Parties" with a Samba demonstration/performance and dancing. Taught by Danielle Areco)

7:00pm - 8:30pm Weekly Drop-in beginner & intermediate Argentine Tango followed by Tango practica in studio A (2 levels at once taught by Arnaud Lucas & Bella Sterling).

7:30pm - 10:30pm teacher-assisted Salsa, Salsa Rueda and Argentine Tango dancing during the Sunday Salsa, Tango, Brazilian Samba and Rueda Social dance party. Open dancing in studio "B" to the "BEST" Salsa, Rueda and Latin music and in studio "A" to the Best in Argentine Tango. FREE to anyone taking a Sunday class or $7.00 for dancing only.

ADMISSION: $12.00 for the first Sunday class, $19.00 for two Sunday classes before 5:00pm, $25.00 for 3 classes and $30.00 for 4 Sunday classes before 5:00pm. The Salsa Rueda classes are separately priced at $12.00, which includes all 3 levels for those who qualify.

Admission fee for beginner/intermediate Argentine Tango (two levels at once) is $15.00 from 7-8:30pm followed by dancing in studio "A" until 10:30pm (or you may use Terry's 10-class dance card for Tango at $95.00, which is good toward any of Terry, Danielle and Mein's Drop-in Chevy Chase Ballroom classes throughout the week or weekend).

Terry Chasteen’s "International DanceSPORT & Entertainment"
We take pride in offering you the absolute “BEST” in social dance training with the most highly trained and professional associate teachers, along with the most flexible and affordable arrangements anywhere in Metropolitan Washington DC.

Terry Chasteen

Ongoing drop-in classes in Ballroom, Latin, Disco/Hustle and Swing have begun for 5th graders and up (younger children welcome with parent enrollment at the same time to control the younger ones when they lose concentration) on Saturdays at 10:30am and again at 11:30am (along with the adults and parents at 11:30am for those youth who want additional training) plus at 6:00pm on Saturdays and on Sundays at 2:00pm for choreography in the Ballroom, Latin & Swing dances to the "Dreanmgirls" Soundtrack (2:00pm on Sundays along with parents and adults to include more of the linear Ballroom dances of Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz). New additional time for Showcase choreograpy and rehearsal to the "Dreamgirls" music and quinceañera training in Viennese Waltz and more are on Saturdays at 6:00pm.
There are several charitable Balls and dance events coming up in 2007 where I would like to have the "Dancing Youth Network" perform, including the 2007
"Out on The Dance Floor Charity Ball" on June 2nd ( plus upcoming Chevy Chase Ballroom Saturday evening Showcase events, another "AIDS and Cancer Learn-to-Dance-Athon" in the works for 2007 and possibly during other events, including the 2007 Yuletide Ball DanceSport Championships over the New Year's weekend and other events that may materialize.

All classes will be held at the Chevy Chase Ballroom & DanceSport Center,
5207 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington DC 20015

The kids have been WATCHING "Dancing with the Stars".... it's time for each one of them to
"BE ONE"!!

Isn't it time for the kids to "STOP WATCHING" all the fun....and "START HAVING IT"?!!

Whether it's from watching
"Dancing with the Stars"

on ABC,

"America's Ballroom Challenge"
on PBS,
or the most recent

within our the solar system,
Washington DC

is definitely becoming a city of

Anyone interested in new beginner classes for grade school, middle-school and high schoolers in
Ballroom, Latin & Swing, please contact Terry at or 202-462-0870.

The kids are also welcome to attend our monthly
Dance-& Learn Parties

and weekly

Most classes will be held at the Chevy Chase Ballroom & DanceSport Center,

5207 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington DC 20015

Pre-register by Pay Pal or by check or cash during the first class for a 10-class card ($75.00 for kids and $95.00 per 10-class card for adults) so everyone shows some committment to continue for at least 10 clases. Email or phone, at, 202-462-0870 with questions.
No previous experience or dance partner required.

(Nemo) Attention those with younger children in the "Red Hot Ballroom" kids classes.
Younger children may enroll as long as a parent or guardian also enrolls to assist and control them when necessary.

Hi, everyone,
I need to address a situation that has come up when very young 5 & 6-year-olds attend the Saturday and Sunday classes, forcing those who either have been previously coming and/or have had some Jazz, Hip Hop and/or ballet training. Though I would love to have a separate class for the younger ones, right now that is just impossible with the small numbers of those willing to make the committment. Consequently one (or preferably both) of the parents of younger kids or even an older brother or sister must take the class right along with them so they can take them off to the side and catch them up on whatever they are having trouble with. This will prevent my having to spend so much time on one or two who aren't even sure of their right from their left foot yet, which is much too time-consuming for the older kids who want to move on. It's the only alternative for those who want their kids to start dancing that early unless they wait until they are older.
Recently I've spent way too much time on very basic material while the older ones are chomping at the bit. This is why at least one parent must enroll in the class with the younger inexperienced ones to be able to take give them extra attention when they have difficulty, which is inevitable especially for 5 and 6-year olds. If they are going to dance that early, and I highly encourage that, someone has to step up to the plate. I cannot take all of the responsibility when I have students who are ready to progress each week.
Regrettably there aren't enough very young ones who want to dance, so to date this is the only option unless anyone can round up enough in that age group to form another class. In Europe where culture and dancing starts at an early age, that would be very simple. In America where we put far too little emphasis on culture and the arts and far too much emphasis, time and money on violent video games and unnecessary wars, good luck.
Also attending adults must enroll with a 10-class dance card as well since regardless of their age they are no different than any other student and it will take just as much effort to train them. Parental attendance for the extremely young is only common sense anyway since how can one help the kids practice the material at home if the parents are clueless about the dances? Again, someone has to take the responsibility and enter the class and learn with them if they want to dance at an earlier age. Mind me that I'm not at all discouraging that, but it will take someone else to fill in and help them.
Also, the purpose for requiring everyone in the kids classes to purchase a 10-class card is to cause everyone to make a committment to keep progressing, which won't happen if people just drop in on occasion whenever they feel like it and pay a one-time drop-in fee. This holds back those who are truly interested and committed and makes it impossible for them to progress when they attend every week.
Adult 10-class cards are $95.00 and students are only $75.00, both of which are as reasonable and flexible as any Ballroom class in this city. Go to Arthur Murray or any of the other companies and see what they charge for the same quality of training. The difference will knock your socks off. Also our class cards are good toward any of my other Chevy Chase Ballroom classes regardless of the time or dance taken.

Thanks and I appreciate your cooperation,

- Terry

Terry Chasteen

Thank You! the many who made our
holiday season classes and dance events so successful.

The kids are always welcome to join us for any of our
Dance-&-Learn Parties

Since everyone had such a great time at our Carnaval Parties during the official Carnaval season (and since we have an official Brazilian on board), we will continue with monthly Carnaval events again, including performances, mini-classes and more on Saturday, July 28th and August 25th for Post-Mardi Gras and Carnaval Dance Parties
at the Chevy Chase Ballroom!!!
(They have Christmas in July, don't they? So who's to say we can't celebrate
Carnaval in March? and April?...and May?!...)

The next
Dance-&-Learn Party dates
usually (not always) every 4th Saturday in the new year.
all of which include mini-classes, refreshments & PLENTY of DANCING!

Join us at the

for our educational and fun-filled

Hosted by Terry Chasteen
& members of the very talented Chevy Chase Ballroom teaching staff

Attend the upcoming
Chevy Chase Ballroom

The next
Dance-&-Learn Parties
are usually every 4th and most 5th Saturdays in the new year and more...
From 8pm to 11:30pm

All events include mini-classes from 8 to 9pm and refreshments
(including our infamous pie & ice cream)

LOTS of general dancing until 11:30pm!

(You'll learn the basics of more dances in one night than you ever thought possible!...)

Chevy Chase Ballroom, 5207 Wisconsin Ave. NW,
Washington, D.C. 20015

8:00 pm - 11:30 pm - Come for a mini-workshop
to get you started dancing!
8:30 pm - ?? - Dancing, games, raffles, food, drink,
and a whole lot of fun!!

YOU!! No party would be complete without our friends and family!

$12 at the door!
$10. full-time students with ID


(Click on the above graphic for details)

You've been WATCHING "Dancing with the Stars" it's time to "BE ONE"

Teacher training
is available for those who wish to
begin a program in your school or church.


Give a gift of dance...for a gift that will last a lifetime...
and one that gives again and again, every time the music starts to play...

Purchase a Holiday, Birthday, Wedding, graduation or other special occasion dance gift certificate online for all ages.
We'll email it directly to you or to your loved one.

Click Here for Pay Pal

Click here for the Gift Certificates page


Also, Congratulations to my grade-schoolers, Gillian & Tasneem who performed our International Samba routine at the last Chevy Chase Ballroom Showcase. They were the only kids performing and literally STOLE THE SHOW! Great job, ladies!...

Click here
for information on charitable fund-raising efforts by
Terry Chasteen's
DancingKids' Network

Hi, everyone,
The "Red Hot Ballroom" classes for 5th graders and up are now taking place on Saturdays at 10:30am and on Sundays at 2:00pm (pre-registration with purchase of a 10-class dance card required) at the Chevy Chase Ballroom. Parents may also enroll, especially those with younger children, who might need to be chaperroned. Parents may dance and change partners separately, however, during the classes at the same time as the kids class. It's good to be able to keep up with what the kids are learning, but I want to keep them separate while dancing and practicing so they all learn to feel comfortable in a social environment with their own age group. There will be occasional changing of partners between the adults attending and the middle-schoolers, however, so the kids can also feel comfortable at future family social events dancing with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other adults.
We will initially be working on the very popular social Latin, Swing and Ballroom dances to get started.
These classes will all be geared toward the likings of those who are middle-school aged, so if you're not interested in warming up by learning something like the Hip Hop dances that we danced in "Head Of State" or a new segment of the Michael Jackson "Thriller" routine each week, then it may be best to take one of my weekday and/or weekend adult social dance classes. We will eventually be learning the "Thriller" routine in it's entirety and hopefully perform it as a future charitable fund-raising event as part of Terry Chasteen's DancingKids' Network to benefit the many in our world who are not nearly as fortunate as we (maybe raising money for Oprah's Angel Network will be a good goal for that). We will also be ultimately performing many of the other dances learned in the series, of which there are many.
The classes will also include occasional segments in ettiquette, such as participating in a receiving line and other proper social procedures during dances and social events. Eventually we will host the National Capitol "Red Hot Ballroom DanceSPORT Championships" for high school and middle school students after everyone gets some experience in the different dances. The Championships will initially include some events with only grading and critiquing of the couples by the judges, instead of being actually placed as in a competition. In due time, however, it will actually involve competing, which is not so important about winning, but rather is an ideal way to get everyone really focused on the fine details of their dancing. The National Capitol "Red Hot Ballroom DanceSPORT Championships" will be scheduled in te future at the Chevy Chase Ballroom & DanceSport Center, Friendship Heights. Starting the kids dancing now will give them plenty of time to become comfortable with the dances before "SHOWTIME"!
You may download and print several fliers below, which you may send to others who might be interested in joining us on Saturdays, as well as during Sundays 2:00pm. Mondays may also be considered at one of the local close-in Md or DC middle or high schools.
After several years of teaching a number of highly successful class series in Virginia in this age group and having the kids routinely chomping at the bit for more, I can assure you that their appreciation for music and social dancing of all styles will grow exponentially. I have numerous examples of parents being amazed at the results and at how we are able to relate with and motivate their kids in this sometimes intimidating social sport (Mother thinks it's just because I still haven't grown up myself, yet, which is why the kids relate to me so well......whatever!.....).
If you have any questions, please email at the address below...and THANKS!

Terry Chasteen


(this event will not continue for the 2006/2007 school season.
If anyone is interested in organizing it again in the future, please contact me).

The Promenade Dancing class may resume once again in Virginia for middle-schoolers in Fairfax County, once a committee of organizers has been found. It will include 8 sessions between December and April with back up dates in case of cancelations The classes will take place on designated Friday evenings at 7:00pm and 8:30pm and will include many of the Ballroom, Latin, Disco/Hustle, Swing and Country/Western dances in addition to ettiquette and other social skills with a short social snack and cookie break included. Boys will wear sport jackets or suits and the girls will wear skirts and white gloves. This has been a highly successful class for several years and has been enjoyed tremendously by all of those those attending (and especially the boys since we warm-up by learning the Michael Jackson "Thriller" routine). For anyone interested in enrolling, it is suggested to do so with a dance partner, though no one will remain with the same partner throughout the series. Partners will change routinely each week, so it's only necessary to begin with an equal or almost equal number of boys and girls.

Teacher training is available for those who wish to start a program in your school or church.

Teaching kids to dance is a science within itself and one which I have been fine-tuning since 2000. Of course one cannot teach the kids the dances until one knows the dances. Although the two are similar, it's not exactly like herding sheep -- rather more like herding cats and you need to be a lot more knowlegdable to fix the problems and answer the questions. If children get frustrated just once in front of everyone in the class, you may never see them again. But if they always have a positive experience because we're well prepared and knowledgable about whatever problems may arise, they'll be dancing forever. There are definite situations which arise in nearly every class like dyslexia, some kids are tactile learners, some are verbal or visual must be able to recognize and deal with all of it because you will probably have all of it in every large class. And controlling and being productive in a class of over 50 students at once can be very much a challenge of monumental proportions, as well as one of the most fun and rewarding experiences imaginable.
Consequently the first step for teachers needs to be to get into classes and become knowledgable about the different dance styles. Classes should be taken outside of the kids' classes because you need to be much more familiar with each dance than will ever be covered in the kids' classes, the numbers of which are limited per week.
The control and management of from 30 to 50 or more kids at once takes some exposure to the process without attempting it by trial and error (which is how I figured out the whole process myself over the last 6 years). Adults are welcome to attend any of my children's classes for that experience to be able to control and manage a large number of kids at once and at the same time keep their attention and focus. One may purchase an adult 10-class dance card which can be used for any of my social dance classes, including the kids classes on a drop-in basis in every style of dance available. The cost for an adult 10-class dance card is $95.00 and once again can be used for any combination of my Chevy Chase Ballroom classes. Attending the Dance-&-Learn Parties is also a great way to learn the control and management of a large number of beginner dancers at once. Visit the schedule page of this web site for available classes and scheduling details.
Also keep in mind that this will not be an over night process. I've danced since 1969 and taught since 1974 and teaching a large number of kids was still a major challenge to perfect. Hopefully if you're well prepared you won't have to go through the same trial-and-error process that I did.

Click here
to print or send a one-page
"Dancing For The Kids"

Both adults and kids may enroll through Pay Pal by purchasing a
10-class student dance or adult dance card online.

Ballroom. Latin and Swing classes are available for 5th graders and up on
Saturdays at 10:30am and on Sundays at 2:00pm at the Chevy Chase Ballroom.
Contact Terry Chasteen at or 202-462-0870 for details.

The Mad Hot Ballroom
Photo Gallery

"Mad Hot Ballroom" is a rare, charming and delightful "feel-good" movie that you'll want to take the whole family to see... EVERYONE should see this movie, whether you're married or single and have kids or not. You'll cry and laugh hysterically all at the same time. Now being shown in select local theatres and most recently at the "E Street Cinema", 11th & E, NW, Washington DC.

Watch the trailer by visiting

With two thumbs up by Ebert and Roper, Joel Siegel correctly calls it
"An Oscar quality documentary".

Ballroom. Latin and Swing classes are available for 5th graders and up through high school on
Saturdays and on Sundays at the Chevy Chase Ballroom.
Contact Terry Chasteen at or 202-462-0870 for details.

Click here
to print or send a one-page "Dancing
For The Kids" flier


Warming up with one of our favorites...LINE DANCING!

Practice, practice, practice...

We would love to win this life-sized trophy!...

The anticipation of competition...

Waiting to start...

Smile, Team!!...

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rumba...


Go Team!!!...

The Foxtrot

My partner's a little tall...I'm having trouble seeing around her...

Foxtrotting to "Fever" by Patty Page

The Merengue

and last, but not least, The Swing!!

Watch the trailer by visiting

the kids (and of course any adults who have the courage...)
may learn a new segment each week of the incredible dance routine of
Michael Jackson's 1982 #1 hit, "Thriller"....
As a warm-up routine for our

(guaranteed to be one GHOULISH experience...
one which is proven to have them chomping-at-the-bit to return each week for sure...).
Click on the graphic below for details...

Visit the Photo Gallery
of Michael Jackson's

Though not as clear and bright as the DVD, watch the routine in it's entirety on YouTube at

Purchase your own copy at Sony online and watch the complete performance of this incredible
and very much ahead-of-it's time #1 album,
"Michael Jackson Video Greatest Hits - History"

"Michael Jackson Video Greatest Hits - History"


You may learn some of our Hip Hop moves that we danced in the #1 box office comedy
for April, 2003, which not only starred, but was
also written and directed by
Chris Rock...

"It's Getting Hot in Here"....

"I am gettinnng so Hot"

Visit the Head Of State Photo Gallery


"Red Hot Ballroom"

class schedules and information for high schoolers,
middle-schoolers and younger kids, their parents and for interested teachers
wishing to start a program,
Click here

Both adults and kids may enroll through Pay Pal by purchasing a
10-class student or adult dance card

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Plan to join us in the future for an upcoming

National Capitol
"Red Hot Ballroom
DanceSPORT Championships

an impending "non-competition" dance competition for middle-schoolers at the Chevy Chase Ballroom.
(No "winners" are chosen [at least in every event], but all entries get judged and critiqued, plus all receive participation ribbons)

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Watch another incredible
"Dancing with the Kids"
motion picture...

Starring one of my absolute favorite"triple-threat" acting,
singing and dancing artist of all times,
Antonio Banderas


Visit the web site of


New Line Cinema has signed Antonio Banderas to star in the dance drama "Take The Lead". Inspired by the true story of internationally acclaimed ballroom dancer Pierre Dulane, "Take The Lead" will star Antonio Banderas as an ex-professional dancer who volunteers to teach dance in the New York City public school system. But when his ballroom methods clash with his students’ hip hop instincts, he teams up with them to create a new style of dance and becomes their mentor in the process.

New Line originally acquired the rights to Pierre Dulane’s story in 2002. He was also the subject of the hit Slamdance festival documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom" which was recently acquired by Paramount Classics who will distribute it with Nickelodeon.


Enroll now in Terry's "Red Hot Ballroom" classes for kids, their parents and/or their teachers who wish to start a program in your school by purchasing a 10-class dance card online (below) for each child or participating adult. Though all classes are beginner and drop-in, consistant attendance is important for the student to keep up with the rest of the class). Younger childen may also enroll in the Chevy Chase Ballroom classes as long as their prents enroll as well to both participate in the class and chaperone them when necesssary.

Location: The Chevy Chase Ballroom & DanceSport Center, 5207 Wisc Ave., NW (above Paul's Liquor, 1/2 block South of the Jennifer St. exit of the Friendship Heights red line Metro. Usually plenty of free parking available at the adjacent Bank of America at Harrison and Wisconsin during NON-BANKING hours).

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Adult 10-class dance cards - $95.00


Child and full-time student 10-class dance cards - $75.00


Individual adult classes - $12.00


Individual classes for full-time students - $9.00


Private coaching sessions - $55.00 each


Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops (for two) - $25.00


Level I Beginner Salsa DVD (shown below) - $35.00 (includes shipping)


Level II Intermediate Salsa DVD (shown below) - $35.00 (includes shipping)


Level III Advanced Salsa Video in VHS (shown below) - $35.00 (includes shipping)


3-video combination package including Level 1 (DVD), Level 2 (DVD),
AND Level 3 (VHS) - $80 (includes shipping)


One Sunday Salsa & Latin Social admission - $12.00


One Sunday Salsa & Latin Social full-time student admission - $10.00


Sunday Salsa & Latin Social 10-party dance card - $110.00


Regardless of what you choose to give above, also include
the "First-Class-Is-Free Gift Certificate".
Just click on the graphic and print it out in Microsoft Word,
along with other discount coupons.

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The Dancing Kids Network

My fantasy: to have 150 screaming kids who are dancing 100-mile-an-hour Swing or Salsa one minute and then when the music changes, switch to Foxtrot, Waltz or Tango with perfect frame and timing to the sounds of Bobby Darin, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Doris Day and Frank Sinatra (I think I'm in a dream, actually I'm in !!)

The kids would learn the Ballroom and linear social dances (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Texas Two Step), as well as Latin (Salsa & Mambo, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba and Merengue), Disco/Hustle and Swing (including East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and Jitterbug).

As a warm-up, for those who DARE, the kids (and of course any adults who have the courage...) will learn a new segment each week of the incredible dance routine of Michael Jackson's 1982 "Thriller"....(guaranteed to be one GHOULISH experience, for sure...). The objective is to have 50 or more people who can actually dance the complete routine by Halloween to possibly perform at fund-raising events for chosen local or world-wide charitable organizations. The final performance will include fine-tuning and detail in costuming and choreography that is guaranteed to blow the audience away.

The kids may also start with other Hip Hop routines to some of their favorite musical artists (including Nelly, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Beyonce, Tina Turner's "Rollin' Down the River"...) or possible Latin or Swing line dance practice routines to artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Inrique Iglasias, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Cher and more for practicing and building “Muscle-Memory” in the different Latin and rhythm dance styles. There are no requirements to have a partner, previous dance experience or be of a certain age. The only requirement is comfortable shoes that won't stick and will move easily across the floor.

In time, the class may also incorporate a social dance event with music of all of the Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Disco and Country styles for the students to dance to for the period. The kids will also get used to the process of entering the function through a reception line and introducing themselves to the hosts and chapparones of the event, asking different people that they don't know to dance throughout the function, filling their dance cards issued for the event with future dance partners for particular upcoming dances during the event and determining the dances appropriate for the different styles of music. Proper ettiquette and attire will be required, including sport jackets or suits for the boys, white gloves and skirts or dresses for the girls (all of which can be purchased at Salvation Army for very little cost by means of scheduled fund-raisers, if necessary). During the social events, no one will be allowed to refuse to dance with anyone who asks them and everyone must dance during each song throughout the affair.

Opportunities will also be available at future "Dance-&-Learn Parties" and "Sunday Salsa Social" events where the kids are welcomed and encouraged to attend and mix with the adults. The goal being to make each child more comfortable in a more traditional social environment with people of all ages so that those weddings, bar Mitzvah's and family social gatherings become something that they look forward to, instead of something they would rather avoid.




In 2003, we began a Friday evening ettiquette class, including Ballroom, Latin and Swing for 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Virginia. The series was coordinated by a group of devoted parents and supporters and became an undertaking which we all felt to be incredibly successful (I wish my adult classes were so consistant to practice and come back the next week chomping at the bit for more...). In addition to ettiquette formalities, the kids learned a combination of Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing (jitterbug and Swing Charleston), Cha Cha and Merengue, as well as a weekly warm-up in something that they really liked to their favorite music of today...Hip Hop!! I taught the Hip Hop routines from "Head of State", the Chris Rock movie that I was part of and it was amazing how the kids looked forward to the new material each week.

Included in the training was also a complete series in ettiquette and how to conduct themselves in a formal social environment from the supporters of the program. We began another such session in November, 2004 which ran into the Spring of 2005. There were 80 openings in the series, which we divided into forty 6th graders and forty 7th & 8th graders.

Chances are that the slots for the next session if we hold one in the fall of 2005 may fill with those already involved. However, If interested in the possibility of any cancellations for future such events, or even to begin another series in DC or close-in Virginia or Maryland, contact me at 202-462-0870 or I would love to find a large enough venue and an army of parents and/or faculty or community members to conduct such an event on a monthly basis for 100 or more inner city kids, now that we have been through the ropes of conducting such an event for the past several years. It would definitely require an army of volunteers as chaparones and organizers, but I'm positive that the benefits to the kids would be phenomenal.

I've always been a firm believer that the kids in this country need to dance more and teaching them proper ettiquette at the same time is a perfect combination. I was genuinely amazed at how well all of the the kids in Virginia did, both in the ettiquette and the dancing, and how consistant they were throughout the series. Especially the boys, who I'm positive practiced every week in their schools. They actually missed fewer classes than most of the girls did because they knew if they missed class, they would miss the new Michael Jackson "Thriller" moves. It was truely amazing how effective it was to warm them up with something that they really liked and then transfer that interest into the other social Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances. A number of the parents remarked over and over again that they were blown away at how their kids took to the process and not only practiced what they learned, but each week were adamant about showing them the new things that they learned!

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Terry Chasteen's

DancingKids' Network




DancingKids' Network

The kids have been "WATCHING" Dancing with the STARS...
now it’s time for "THEM" to "BE THE STARS" as part of Terry's
DancingKids' Network!!

In the near future I would like to plan a charitable fund-raising event operated similar to the way my monthly "Dance-&-Learn Parties" are conducted at the Chevy Chase Ballroom that the kids can be a part of. It could be an event to benefit the many in our world who are not nearly as fortunate as we are (maybe Oprah's Angel Network would be a good beneficiary to accomplish that). And in the process the kids would participate as the entertainment for the donors attending. We will eventually be learning the Michael Jackson "Thriller" routine in it's entirety and hopefully perform it as part of the entertainment of the event in addition to all of the Ballroom, Latin & Swing dances they're learning. Such an event will not only give the kids plenty of incentive to practice their dancing, but also to use their dancing talents toward helping others.
During the event, we would also dance and hold mini-classes throughout the evening for the kids' parents, grand parents, friends and the general public similar to the way I hold mini-classes during my monthly "Dance-&-Learn Parties" at the Chevy Chase Ballroom. With all of the hype in dancing on TV, including "Dancing with the Stars" and the "America's Ballroom Challenge" it should be easy to get people to come out and be a part of it. The format for the event(s) can be seen at Also a flier is available at for the format and upcoming dates of my scheduled "Dance-&-Learn Parties" that are presently planned at the Chevy Chase Ballroom for 2006.
If anyone has any ideas or locations where such a major event (or events) might be held, please contact Terry Chasteen at We would like to a accommodate at least 250 people with enough room for dancing and since 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity, a donation of the space or reduced rental fee will be highly desireable in order to turn more money over to the charitable organization. Help would also be appreciated in organizing a silent auction, which would not only increase the revenue taken in for the event, but would also give local businesses and organizations an opportunity to be involved in the event and to advertise their companies and associations in the process.



Terry Chasteen

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