(Whether for competitive dancing or good social dancing of all levels. Not everyone wants to compete)

1. Florida
2. Washington DC

Send specifics about yourself if you are seeking a dance partner, whether for practicing social dancing or for future competition or exhibition in Ballroom, Latin, Swing, C/W, etc. Indicate the gender you are seeking, as well as:

1. Your height and weight.

2. The style(s) of dance you wish to concentrate on or compete in.

3. Your level of dance experience and the level at which you wish to work.

4. Your location.

5. How serious you are (Very you want to practice once a month or are you serious enough to consider future performances?).

6. Your mental attitude (might as well be honest right up front and save everyone a lot of time. Are you a pain in the you-know-where during 5 out of 7 days per week, or do you take the ups and downs of life in stride?).

If you're looking for a partner, whether for just practicing socially or for future competition, send along the information to or, as well as your contact information and we'll post it. I can use my contact information and forward to you so not-to-worry if you don't want yours out there.



1. Gregg - Tampa, Florida

6'1", 185', blonde hair, blue eyes
Competitive dancer in International Latin/American Rhythm
1993-1999 Member of USABDA-Southern Star Chapter-Tampa
1993-1997 Student-Imperial Society of Dance-Allen Tuggey, Instructor
Guest Performer-Greater Daytona Chapter-USABDA
International Dance Festival-Clearwater/Champion (International Latin)
Southeastern Regional Championships-Team Match Champions
Florida Ballroom Open-Champion (International Latin)
Competitions entered: 14 Competitions won: 11

American Rhythm amateur 5 dance National bronze medalist-1999
Silver medalist-Southeast Regional Championships-1994 (International Latin)


2. Michael - St Petersburg, Florida

5' 7 ", 153#, brown hair, hazel eyes.
Trained in International Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm. United States Finalist in American Rhythm, Fred Astaire International Latin and American Smooth champion. Would like to Compete in Gay Games, 2006 in Latin, but am open to Standard Also. I know Standard, just have not competed in it at the professional level. I'm not sure of the caliber of competition, but am willing to work hard to get where I need to be.

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Washington DC

1. Ken - Washington DC

5'8" 160lbs
SEEKING: A regular male dance partner. Preferably a follower, though both need to lead and follow to really be competitive (this isn't a lead-only, follow-only world we live in). Looking for someone who is also beginner level in the Ballroom, Latin and Country/Western dances who can possibly be advanced beginner to intermediate by July, 2006. Have attended "Dance Team DC" training and practice previously on Sunday and presently on Friday nights for some time and intend to continue. Would like a partner who could commit to the same on a weekly basis.


2. Terry - Washington DC (OK, OK, so I got a bit carried away with the photos .... when you're my age, when you find a good photo, you USE it! There may not be that many more good ones coming!)

Terry and Alex dancing on stage IFO the US CapitolTerry and Alex on Stage at US Capitol
Terry Chasteen C/W mug shot-black hat
Terry and Jana dance poseTery and Josh dancing for Wash Blade storyTerry and Alex dancing at US Capitol doing Savoy Kicks
Terry and Helaine dancing in Head Of State
Terry and Helaine dancing in Head Of State

Terry & Helaine Fonda doing the 'Harlem Shrugs'; also under the direction of Fatima Robinson in 'Head Of State'.

Terry and Sharon Savoy in Head Of State

Terry & Sharon Savoy dancing our version of the 'Crypt Walks' in the Head Of State trailer. This unique version of Crypt Walks was created
and taught to us by reknowned "DreamGirls" choreographer Fatima Robinson (who was actually one of The Step Sisters in that movie).

5'8", 145#
STYLES OF DANCE: Trained in advanced levels of all competitive and social dances, including both International and American style Ballroom, Latin, Country/Western, Hustle, Swing, Hip Hop, Clogging, Flamenco (still a beginner in this one...and it's TOUGH!) and tap (beginner+). Wishing to focus on dancing in the Open Championship level of International Ballroom and Latin 10-dance, both as 18+ and senior (two partners or more, if necessary) as well as the same or a possible second partner interested in the advanced levels of Country/Western.

SEEKING: Someone to compete in the top levels of 10-dance and 9-dance International Ballroom & Latin and American style rhythm and smooth. Preferably a partner who can dance both leader and follower roles with equal ease (or is willing to learn) in category A of all 5 International Ballroom & all 5 International Latin dances, 9 American style dances plus Argentine Tango of Gay Games 9, Cleveland, 2014 (and World OutGames, maybe even EuroGames ...who knows?). Am also looking for a second partner if necessary (the same one in all 3 would be GREAT! but that much adult Obsessive/Oompulsive Disorder in one person is RARE!) for the Country/Western divisions.

In addition would also like to find a committed wheelchair partner to mentor to prove that as I know these people have a LOT more ability to dance than most realize (you needn't already be dancing...we'll learn this one together) and possibly both a blind and deaf male partner in case either event includes both of those in the line-up (which I'm working to include ....even if not, I'd love to have a blind and a deaf male partner just to grandstand with, just to keep the seeing and hearing impaired from thinking about what they CAN'T do),

LOCATION: Metroploitan Washington DC, but would consider commuting back and forth to and from New York to train, for the right partner, where we could always get some great coaching.
HOW SERIOUS?: You can't get more serious. I live this stuff and am in weekly extensive training even without a partner. Danced in Gay Games, Amsterdam, '98 and made it into the semi-finals in level B of International Latin with a last-minute partner from South Africa. We met just two days before the comp, so it was all 'lead and follow' and we had the absolute time of our lives. Will do it again, if at all possible as well as in the World OutGames and/or IAGLCWDC events.

MENTAL ATTITUDE: I take all of the ups and down of life in stride and with a genuine positive mental attitude (as long as I get my own way!...) and the words "I can't" are not part of my vocabulary. Seeking an athletic and talented male 10-dance partner who is as mutually Obsessive/Compulsive in many styles of music and dance. The Gay Games committee is also talking about adding seeing and/or hearing impaired divisions, as well, which is why I would love to find one of each of those. If you will, please contact them about it directly too, so there are more than just myself making the request to have a separate division for both blind and deaf dancers. With my experience in teaching both blind and deaf students, there is no reason for them to NOT be out there.

LIMITATIONS: Smoking...sorry, but I'm alergic to it and even being around someone who smokes becomes difficult. Also breaking practice/coaching appointments frequently or at the last minute are a problem. Must be a serious partner who is willing to work and serious about being as good as we can possibly be by Showtime.

If you are seeking a similar partner, contact Terry Chasteen,, 202-596-4860. No assumed commitments implied for those who might inquire about giving it a try, so don't be shy. (and please don't let the age alarm you...I have yet to meet anyone a third my age that I couldn't at the very least keep up with, whether male or female, leader or follower, Ballroom or Latin, Country or Swing).


3. Harlan - Washington DC
6'6'' 210#
Looking for a devoted practice partner. Not necessarily interested in competition but just better dancing. Would like to practice and learn enough to be able to dance well wth anyone. Specifically interested in C/W, but may consider Ballroom and/or Latin if desired by the right partner. Ideally would like a tall partner so both could lead and follow, but will be willing to just lead with a shorter partner. Am not a fanatic, but would like to practice proper technique and styling as opposed to just shuffling around the floor. Am presently doing beginner plus material...would like to get to intermediate/advanced sometime in the future. Would like to practice on a weekly or biweekly basis. Contact with questions if interested.

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The best way to find the perfect dance partner, whether for future competition or just social dancing is to keep training. The ones who are trained and ready to go are always in high demand.
Point of order....practicing or taking one class a month or every few weeks is hardly considered training if you're actually serious about improving your dancing. Just like working out, it takes more than once a week to just keep from going backwards in your level of ability. And if you're doing less than that and expecting to find a talented and devoted dance partner, whether for competition or just social dancing, good luck. Such tactics are similar to sitting on the couch eating Bon Bons & watching TV every night and planning to start going to the gym once "MR"or "MSS" RIGHT comes along. By then it's too've already missed your opportunity because "MR" or "MSS" RIGHT will be long taken by the time you even begin to notice any results. How is a good potential dance partner going to know you're even serious if you don't make at least some kind of effort to prepare yourself ahead of time? Or likewise how will he or she know if you are going to even like this stuff after 3 weeks if you've never even tried it with any degree of sincerity? The fact is that they won't. And they'll make the assumption which you have already expressed by putting it off. Which is that you're really "not" serious. The talented and devoted partners who have made their own personal efforts to get prepared rarely want to waste their time with someone who hasn't at least made some type of effort on their own.
(this article continues in it's entirety at "Nobody asked for my opinion....BUT...)
There are numerous opportunities for taking classes and locating fun dance events all across the United States and around the globe for you to take advantage of listed at ( The time you put in will never be time wasted. And I hope to see you OUT on the dance floor in 2006, if not before.

Isn't it time to "STOP WATCHING" all the fun....

...and start "HAVING IT"?!!

(You may send your profile for finding a dance partner to to be posted on the Lambda DanceSPORT International web site if you're looking for a potential dance partner, whether for competition or social dancing. Visit or

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