It's time to "STOP WATCHING" all the fun...



...and start "HAVING IT"!!...

as we become more comfortable in our dancing and we learn to



Make your "First Dance" at your wedding an

"Honor Dance" to remember...

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers dancing on the grand piano in "Roberta" (1935)


In no time at all, We'll change your dancing style from
a "Couple of Swells"...

(Fred Astaire and Judy Garland dancing to "A Couple of Swells" in the 1948 film "Easter Parade")


"The Barclays Of Broadway"!!


Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in their last film together, "The Barclays Of Broadway" (1949)


Fred Astaire & Cyd Charisse

Fred & Ginger wearing her infamous "feather gown"

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in "Dirty Dancing"

The hearing and seeing impaired are always welcome
and encouraged to DANCE!


Wow! Look at them work it... They are GOOD!!!

I "LOVE" this movie! (and I "WANT" those Stiletto Ruby Slippers!...)


These ladies are HOT! ... we'll gladly give 'em "One Rat Pack Night Only"... for SURE!!!...


Just look at him go!...WATCH OUT ELVIS!!...

And just who do they think they are, anyway?...The SUPREMES?!

Their competitive nemeses at the local competetion early in the movie, the Step Sisters,
including "DreamGirls" choreographer and our "Head Of State" Choreographer,
Fatima Robinson.



Red Hot Ballroom
Ballroom, Latin & Swing dancing for the kids

We would love to win this life-sized trophy!...

The anticipation of competition...

Waiting to start...

Smile, Team!!...

Young ladies and gentlemen...The Rumba...

Great hip action for these two...


The Foxtrot

My partner's a little tall...I'm having trouble seeing around her...

Fox trotting to "Fever" by Patty Page

The Merengue

and last, but certainly not least, The Swing!!

Watch the trailer and purchase the video of this classic documentary by visiting



"It's Getting Hot in Here...
so take off all your clothes"...

Terry & Sharon dancing the Crypt Walks in "Head Of State"

I am gettinnng so Hot;
I'm gonna' take my clothes off...

Terry & Helaine dancing the Harlem Shrugs in "Head Of State"

Visit the Head Of State Photo Gallery




You have but two options to choose from, Mister....

Either "get to dancin'...."

....or "get out o' Dodge...."



You WILL dance...but if you refuse.....

then I'll get you, my pretties!...

...and your little gay dog, too!!!


We're not here for a long time, we're here for a GOOD TIME!
So let's get started...and DANCE!!! -- TLChasteen

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