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Head Of State

Mays Gilliam has was picked to run as the first black candidate for
US President...which he decided to do..."in his own style"...

but he seems to get a little side-tracked as he spies the cute, young waitress
during the black-tie fund-raiser...


And the WASP'y black-tie fund-raiser types ...(most of whom just happen to be many of my friends from the Washington DC Ballroom community ...mainly because the casting call was during OUR Bethesda, Md event and we practically got to choose 12 of them), don't seem to approve....


Head of state - Dance Scene

At least until she starts leading everyone in the Electric Slide...

(Isn't it amazing how dancing continues to bring us all together?...).

Now that I've payed off the DJ, I'm gonna "liven' this WASP'y black-tie fundraiser up"!!

...but Mr Gilliam, you can't do this...this isn't that kind of an event and white people don't care for that "Nelly" Hip Hop music!!

Oh yes they do....LOOK!!..


everybody WAVE YOUR HANDS!!....


"It's getting Hot in here, so take off all your clothes"..."I am getting so HOT... I'm gonna' take my clothes off"...


They're even dancing down the staircase...


And look there...they're doing the Bankhead Bounce....


..the Harlem Shrugs...


...and the Nelly...

They're even doing the 150-mile-an-hour Crypt Walks!!!...and in perfect time!! These white people LOVE this music!

The roof is on fire!!!

No, wait!...come back!...that's just a saying....the roof isn't really on fire!...come back!!!

Head of state - Dance Scene

You can view the movie trailer (including most of our Washington Ballroom community WASP'y and
"more sophisticated" black-tie fund-raiser type Hip Hop dancers) and/or purchase your copy
of the "Head Of State" DVD at and You may also find
the trailer "ad infinitum", along with the trailers of every movie ever made at, and

Visit our Head Of State page, including the movie trailer on IMDB,
the Internet Movie Data Base at

(plus all of our Hip Hop dancers are still getting residuals!!.... watch it on HBO & pay TV and when it comes out on national TV..... and while you're at it,
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