The King Kong Photo Gallery




What do George Clooney

King Kong ,

Matt Damon

and Terry Chasteen have in common?...

Along with Christopher Cooper, Jeffrey Wright, Amanda Peet,
William Hurt and Christopher Plummer (of "The Sound of Music"
.still actually quite dashing after all of these years...).

We all received official notification of being in our very first Oscar®-winning major motion pictures during the 78th Annual Academy Awards® on Sunday, March 5th, 2005!...
Hey, so what if they were all principle actors and I was a 6-frame peon...(at the most...maybe only 4 1/2 frames and counting...) in the "Oil Man of the Year Award" segment of "Syriana"®?. I'll take whatever face-time I can get in any Oscar-winning flick with Matt Damon and George Clooney!! Plus I can't wait to steal the frames from the DVD when it comes out...(however many or few there are) I can torture EVERYONE throughout the web site as I continue to do mercilessly with my role in Chris Rock's "Head Of State"® (After all, one's "15 minutes of fame" won't last forever...unless of course you can catch them in another major motion picture!!...and replay them over and over and over again!!...).

Thanks to those who joined us on Oscar weekend during the
Sunday Salsa, Argentine Tango, Brazilian Samba and Casino Rueda
Social Dance party



Don't miss our co-star (or are we his co-stars?...oh well maybe we're ALL co-stars) and Golden Globe® / Oscar®-winning "Best Supporting Actor" George Clooney and ME! in my "six" (yes, only 6 or less) frames of face-time in the "Oil Man of the Year" segment of "Syriana"....Golden Globe® and now Oscar® Winner for "Best Supporting Actor", George Clooney, Matt Damon and I are officially in our 1st Oscar®-winning major motion picture together. [and don't blink...those 6 frames are gone before you know it....but hey...I'll take anything I can get in an Oscar® Winning George Clooney/Matt Damon flick!...stay tuned for photos now that the DVD is out].

Christopher Cooper and Jeffrey Wright

Jrffrey Wright

George Clooney (nephew of Rosemary)

George Clooney and William Hurt

Matt Damon and Amanda Peet

Christopher Plummer (of "The Sound of Music" fame...
...and still actually quite dashing after all of these years...)


Visit for the photo
gallery of King King, my favorite Oscar-winning movie in 2005...
(which I actually saw "4" times in the theatre!... a bit of adult
Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder maybe?...)

Join us weekly at the Chevy Chase Ballroom & DanceSport Center, 5207 Wisc Ave, NW
for the Sunday Salsa, Salsa Rueda and Argentine Tango Social Dance Party. Argentine Tango dancing and practice will now be available in studio B along with Salsa and Salsa Rueda dancing in studio A at 7:30pm right after the new Sunday evening beginner/intermediate Argentine Tango class from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Sundays at the Chevy Chase Ballroom is the only event in Metropolitan Washington DC that offers opportunities to train in nearly ALL of the Ballroom, Tango, Latin, Swing, Salsa and Salsa Rueda dance styles (including afternoon enrollment classes for the kids), followed by practice, refreshments and open dancing until 10:00pm. In addition, the quality and expertise in all of our teachers are SECOND-TO-NONE!!!

Beginner and intermediate Salsa Rueda classes will now both run from 5:00pm to 6:00pm and ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE Rueda from 6:00pm to 7:15pm. We are featuring another expert in the field of Salsa Rueda, Ernesto Reyes of SAOCO DC to teach the Rueda classes. Only those well qualified in intermediate will be permited to participate in advanced/intermediate Rueda at 6:15pm.

Our objective is to make Sundays at the Chevy Chase Ballroom the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and fun-filled social dance event in Metropolitan Washington DC. Fortunately I continue to be associated with and assisted by some of the most talented and professional teaching staff available anywhere. Without which this monumental goal would be impossible. My teachers include Danielle Areco in Salsa, Arnaud Lucas in Argentine Tango and Ernesto Reyes in Casino Rueda as well as Jonathon Bowers on Saturdays in Disco/Hustle and West Coast Swing. They are all absolutely THE BEST!

Bring a
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We are only 1/2 block from the Jennifer St. exit of the Friendship Heights red line Metro. There is usually plenty of free parking available at the adjacent Bank of America during non-banking hours. Refreshments always provided.


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