Some of my favorite songs and the dances associated with them
(alternate dances are listed in parenthesis)

If you have any favorites that aren't included, send them to

A. Cha Cha
1. Country Cha Cha
a. Big Blue Note-Toby Keith
b. USA Today-Alan Jackson

B. El Paso
a. Neon Moon by the Mavericks (Also International Rumba)

C. Line dances:
1. Country
a . Hold Your Horses - Hold Your Horses by E Type
b . Bayou City Twister - Dance! by Twister Alley

D. Quickstep
1. Country
a. Back In Baby's Arms by Amy grant (slow QS, also 2S)
b. Ain't Never Seen No One Like You (Also Sw, 2s)

E. Samba
1. Country
a. Mukara Walk (Also Country line dance)
b. In Your Eyes by Shanai Twain (Also slow 2s)
c. Walk the Line by Clint Black (Also 2s)

E. Swing
1. Country
a. Keep Your Foot in the Water by Lone Star
b. Rollin' Nowhere by Michael Murphey (also QS, fast 2S)
c. That's How the West Was Won (Also QS, 2S)
d. I Didn't Know Love felt This Way (Also QS, J, 2s)

F. Two Step
a. Back in Baby's Arms by Amy grant (Also slow QS)
b . Real Fine Place to Start by Sara Evans
c. In Your Eyes by Shanai Twain (Also slow Samba)