Fun, erotic and therapeutic Sensual Dance for ladies only...
Why learn Sensual Dance?

You've watched it on Oprah

Now it's time for you to "Release Your Inner Sexpot".
Learn how to "work it!"
A sexy walk,
Chair Dancing 101,
Add some spice to your love life.
Discard those Pumpkin sweaters, granny panties, bedtime sweats—as you add some spice to your love life.

The classes will inspire you to feel sexy about you!
Through Sensual Dancing, you will learn how to fully empower yourself, connect with others, boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, become a role model, attract people to you, overcome your fears of self-expression, let down your guard, feel sexier and more in touch with your own bodies.
You’ll learn to move more gracefully and with confidence in all aspects of your life. While flirtatious, fun and erotic, this Program is just perfect for the everyday average women.

Program Features :
Posture; Rhythm; elegant and sexy walking techniques; Sexy sway of the hips; Seductive arm moves; floorwork ; chair dancing; Sexy and playful “easy-to-follow” dance routines; hot new moves to take to the clubs and fun workouts . Additionally, the instructor will give good tips on clothing, props and how to create an erotic environment at home. Full customized packages and options will be presented to you at the introductory class.

Program benefits :
The program boosts confidence; Gives you Tips, secrets and steps to overcome shyness by getting started slowly and introducing a playful performance aspect into relationships. Become seductive in your jeans or work clothes, learn how to dress to impress. Giving yourself permission to nurture and release your sensual spirit creating more love for yourself and therefore more love for others.
Sensual Dance Therapy will help you to discover new ways to spice up your relationships.
Let your inner sexiness come out!

What to bring to class:

High heels
Feather Boa ( A Feather Boa is a fashion accessory that is usually worn wrapped around the neck like a scarf )
Your favorite song
And a lot of attitude!


Sensual Dance Classes will help you to find your own inner beauty and grace, and combine them into sensual movements.

Learn to striptease, lap dance, do erotic dance floor work, chair dance and use playful glances. With a creative twist, we will fuse dance, musicality, body language and theater arts. You will learn how to explore your natural eroticism and spice up your dance routines. Sensual Dance Therapy Workshops will align body, mind and spirit. Limited to small groups.

Sensual Dance Classes are often available on a random basis throughout the Washington DC, close-in Maryland and Northern Virginia Metropolitan area. For additional information on times, dates and locations and to Register, Email
(Special Discounts for groups!)