My favorite photos from The Yuletide Ball Championships and New Year's Eve Gala

The owner, organizer and "MASTER" of The Yuletide Ball Championships and New Year's Eve Gala, Mr Ron Bennett.

(And this is how he looks after he and Steven have had a few too many....)

Dan, Steven and Isabella, along with Matt & David raising cane at the ball.

The Yuletide Ball Mr DJ, Peter Collins, along with two more "Head Of State" co-stars, Russ & Rosalie.



Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed, Yuletide Ball Amateur International Standard Champions.

Stan, who from that look on his face also looks like he has had plenty for one night,
plus Lou and Cella Giacchino.

Andre' Paramonov & Natalie in the middle of the show.

Latin Star performers Andre' Paramonov & Natalie (2002 Rising Star Latin Champions) chilling out after their performance.

We all love dancing with Izabella....

John & Karen, along with Mr & Mrs Johnny Cochran Look-Alike.

Nobody does it like "Sarah and Lee".

Rita, Ray Kaufman (my irreplacable "AIDS & Cancer Learn-to-Dance-Athon" co-coordinator!!) and Alice. Also John & Robin Hall, two more of our WASP'y and "more sophisticated" Hip Hop dancing co-stars from "Head Of State".

Scott & Crystal looking great, as always.

Heidi, myself and Ian Folker presenting the William Unkle Memorial award to the winners of the
International Amateur Standard competition.

Steven being his usual self and cutting up with Izabella on the dance floor.

Steven and Izabella performing on Saturday night to "MY" Michael Buble' music!!

Steven and Izabella; Ballroom dancers with Latin Pizzazz.

Steven, the Judge and Thomas, the mischevious masked marauder (being stalked by love interest, Bobbie).